The apartment is located on the fifth floor of a Napoleon building. At this same site, stood the house where the Vauban architect of Louis XlV lived and which also housed the former Grand Savoy Hotel, exclusive Parisian meeting place for high society, artistes and politicians until the 1930's.

It was repurchased thereafter by Mr. Jacques Bounin, Prefect of the French Republic under the rule of De Gaulle and signatory of the first Franco-Chinese trade agreements in 1952.

Jacques Bounin organized many meetings for ministers, politicians and important artists from the cultural scene after the Second World War in this apartment. In the living room we can admire the chimney from one of the coaches belonging to the Orient Express train, in which General Pétain had signed the armistice of 1918 near Compiegne.

Through his position as Officer of Arts and Literature and delegate for cultural affaires in Nice, he met Chagall and founded the Chagall Museum there. During their friendship, Chagall stayed in the apartment on Rue de Rivoli, on several occasions when he came to Paris to paint the ceiling of the Opera Garnier. During that time Chagall painted a portrait of his friend which can still be admired in the apartment.

Olimpia Bounin keeps the family spirit alive and would be pleased to relate the history behind all the paintings in the apartment during your events.